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Previous Game Projects

Role: Narrative Designer

Game: Primorden
Company: Chillchat

Role: Narrative Worldbuilder

Game: TBA
Company: dV Games

Role: Game Designer & Worldbuilder

Game: Blood Sword 5E
Company: TambĂą

Role: Game Designer & Kickstarter Manager

Game: Daily Dread
Company: Grumpy Bear Stuff

Narrative Design Course

Since 2019, I’m the resident professor of Narrative Design at Accademia Italiana Videogiochi in Milan, under the direction of Diego Ricchiuti. The collaboration allowed us to dive deep into the new profession of Narrative Design, allowing us to realize that the discipline could require a specific didactic path. 

In early 2022, thanks to AIV foresight, we launche the first European 3-years course in Narrative Design, with Italian and foreign professionals as teacher. The first year counted 12 students, a record for a first-time course in the history of AIV.

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SEO Strategist & Web Designer

Current Clients:
AIV01 – Accademia Italiana Videogiochi
Davide Iozzi
New Era Palestra

Former Clients
Studio Medico Quantico
Aces Games
Mana Projects Studio

Storyteller & Brand Consultant​

Former Clients:
ACF Fiorentina
Try D Frent
Curse of Knowledge – Charlelie Jourdan

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