Short Bio

I’m a Professor of Narrative Design at AIV — Milano, and the current Course Leader of the Narrative Design Course. I’ve a background in Literature, Theater, Cinema and Modern Philology, with a specialization into cinema storytelling and cyberpunk. I’ve studied at the University of Studies of Pavia, were I obtained also a master degree in 2020 (Marketing Utilities and Storytelling Techniques). I work as a Corporate Storyteller & SEO Expert, plus Game & Narrative Designer. My first game was Nights of Nibiru (2019, Acchiappasogni), while my recent one is Blood Sword 5E (Tambù), an adaptation of Dave Morris gamebook saga for the 5th edition. I’ve also been a translator EN to IT for tabletop RPGS, working on PigsmokeDialect, and Blades in the Dark. Since 2014 I’ve been also a blogger and a streamer for Storie di Ruolo first, and Storymancer later. I’ve founded the national format of organized playing called GDR al Buio, and I’ve always been into graphic layout – with a long run as layout artist for university journal Inchiostro. In my free time, I help writers and I write myself novels and interactive fiction, and I compose prog electro-metal music.

My Nickname is SpiritoGiovane

SpiritoGiovane is the sum of two Italian words: “spirito” (spirit, soul) and “giovane” (young). I was mocked for years for this nickname, but I think it betters represent me: I’m eager to learn, fast to adapt, and terribly bad at doing nothing. No matter my age, I will always be a free, youthful spirit deep inside.

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