Selected Published Works

2018-2023+, Grumpy Bear Stuff

Daily Dread is a cyber dystopian tabletop RPG set in a future Italy, based on a setting by Zeus Longhi. It has been successfully crowdfunded during Zinequest 2022 thanks to the help of Grumpy Bear Stuff publishing. The game is currently in development, with the help of the Storymancer Team.


Creative Director, Game Designer, Kickstarter Manager

Creative Director

  • Definition of the Editorial Line and the creative direction
  • Development management
  • Handbook Style Guides and Final Layout
  • Team management 

Game Design

  • Development and writing of the Alpha and Beta Rules 
  • Technical documentation – glossaries, pitches, and translation documents 
  • Ruleset adaptation for a System Reference Document and open license
  • Constant iteration on the rulset, with feedback integration
  • Final text redaction, revision and clarity check  


Kickstarter Manger

  • Market and Audience Research for the Kickstarter
  • Pre-launch operations: pledges level, stretch goals design, contact with contributors
  • Layout and Graphics for the Website and the Kickstarter Page
  • Kickstarter Campaign management
  • Post-Kickstarter operations: late pladge, budgeting, printing
2022, dV Games

For dV Games, I’ve worked as a freelance narrative worldbuilder on a to-be-announced title and relative IP. 


Narrative Worldbuilder
  • Concept and pitch development for an expanded universe
  • Top-Down Worldbuilding, from universe scale to topology
  • Development of a strong documentation (bible plus lexicon)
  • Timeline analysis and coherence check
  • Iteration and integration of team ideas and plot/game design requirements
2021-2022, Tambù + Edizioni Librarsi

Blood Sword 5E (Tambù, Officina Meningi, Edizioni Librarsi) is an expansion for the 5th edition of the most famous tabletop roleplaying ever. It’s also an adaptation of Dave Morris’ homonymous gamebook series.


Game Designer, Narrative Designer

Game Design

  • Development and writing of the Quickstart and the Basic Rules. 
  • Technical documentation writing, such as world glossaries, pitches, and translation documents. 
  • Development of a framework for D&D 5th edition balancing of the rules. 
  • Adaptation of the original setting with Lead Narrative Design and project manager Valentino Sergi, and original gamebook authors Dave Morris. 
  • Deal with two separate overlapping IPs (Blood Sword and Dragon Warriors). 


Narrative Design

  • Development of the Crossroad System, an adaptation of gamebook mechanics branching narrative.
  • Additional Worldbuilding: full creation of a new deep lore aligned with the old gamebook serie.
  • Development and Writing of one of the five adventures of the basic handbook.
  • Technical Revision of all Adventures.
2018, Acchiappasogni & Raven Distribution

Nights of Nibiru (Acchiappasogni & Raven Distribution, previously Red Glove Distribution) is a science fantasy tabletop RPG, based on the Dark Destiny II system by Luca De Marini and set in the Shared Universe of Crimson Skys. 


Co-Author, Worldbuilder, Narrative Designer

Writing & Narrative Design

  • Concept and pitch development.
  • Worldbuilding, from the basic main continent, the universe-galaxy scale of the expansions, topology, and economy included.
  • Development of the Storytelling System used by the Storyteller of the game (the GM).
  • Concept, development, and writing of several adventures (paid and free).
  • Full development of four expansion sets (the fifth is currently in development).


Game Design

  • Development of characters’ options, archetypes, and powers and abilities.
  • Co-design of the combat symbol system.
  • Development and writing of several additional game systems, such as investigation rules.



  • Support for communication and marketing.
  • Additional layout for the main gamebook, and full layout graphic for the fourth expansion.
2014-2017, Acchiappasogni & Raven Distribution

Storie di Ruolo is a TTRPG Italian blog I found in 2014. Since 2017, the editorial board adapted three commercial tabletop RPGs from English to Italian for different publishers, plus several minor one-page games.


Adaptations EN-to-IT
  • Core Text Translation 
  • Lexicon Creation
  • Content Adaptation to Target language
  • Additional Content Development (usually adventures or scenarios for the launch of the game)

Unpublished Material

The following contents have been developed through the years for personal use, courses attendance, or private excercise.

May 2023, Task for The Narrative Department

Prompt: three videogame characters (Main or NPCs) meet in an elevator.

Purpose of the task: being able to differentiate character voices, focusing on style and pace.

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